NR 650 Practicum Portfolio

NR650 W6 Initiation of Capstone Project
August 2, 2018
NR 650 W7 Healthcare Policy Project
August 2, 2018

Practicum Portfolio Guidelines

I. Elements of Portfolio

II. Portfolio Grading Methods

III. Milestones Prior to Course Opening

I. Elements of Portfolio

The student is responsible for the development of a practicum portfolio that includes the following 5 elements:

  1. Self-assessment of Professional Competencies: completed at the beginning and at the end of the practicum (form is located in Course Resources)
  2. Student’s Resumè
  3. Learning Agreement: The student is responsible for the construction of a learning agreement that includes the following elements:
    • Name, credentials, and contact information of mentor
    • Course outcomes, methods planned to meet these outcomes, and how each outcome was met.
      • Synthesize knowledge from evidence-based literature and concepts of economics as a foundation for the leadership role in healthcare policy. (PO 1)
      • Demonstrate the leadership skills of a nurse leader in healthcare policy in an organizational or legislative setting. (PO 2)
      • Integrate effective verbal, written, and technological communication techniques in the role of the nurse leader in healthcare policy. (PO 3, 11)
      • Utilize critical inquiry and judgment in healthcare policy decision-making. (PO 4, 10)
      • Exemplify professional values, scholarship, and global awareness that support leadership and professional development. (PO 5)
      • Demonstrate the incorporation of human caring and legal and ethical principles in the role of the nurse leader in healthcare policy. (PO 6)
      • Advocate for healthcare policy to meet the needs of a diverse society in a changing healthcare environment. (PO 7, 9)
      • Critically evaluate the impact to resources and finances in promotion of healthcare policy. (PO 8)
    • The Learning Agreement presents a rich narrative documentation for demonstration of meeting course outcomes; the initial Learning Agreement submitted in week 1 forms the basis for the narrative. The student will write each week to add further activities, document hours, modify plan to meet self-identified goals, and show when and how goals were met. The updated & signed learning agreement is submitted in weeks 4 and 7.


  1. Healthcare Policy Project: a project that directs healthcare policy activity to be conducted during the practicum experience. Required elements include:
    1. Description of the project
    2. Identification of target audience and/or stakeholders for the project
  • Identification of concerns and/or need for policy development or change
  1. Objectives for the healthcare policy project
  2. Strategies used in the development and implementation of the healthcare policy project
  3. Representative materials used in the healthcare policy activity (i.e. budgets, statistical data, presentation materials, etc.)
  • Evaluation methods and outcomes of the healthcare policy project
  1. Completed Student Activities Log: identifies how the required 100 hours were met.

II. Portfolio Evaluation Methods


Portfolio Element Possible Points
Self Assessment of Professional Competencies 50
Learning Agreement 250
Resume 100
Healthcare Policy Project 250
Student Activities Log 50
Total Points for Portfolio 700

III. Milestones Prior to Course Opening

Due Date                                                        Practicum Element

60 days prior to course opening                     Practicum Information Form submitted

Prior to course opening                                   Review course requirements with mentor:

  • Syllabus
  • Learning Agreement*
  • Portfolio Assignments*
    • Healthcare Policy Project
    • Student Activities Log
    • Initiation of Capstone Project
    • Professional Competencies

*These requirements are initiated and completed during the 8 week course; see syllabus.

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