NSG7010 Week 6 Knowledge Quiz

NSG7010 Week 5 Knowledge Quiz
September 29, 2018
  1. As a DNP leader who wants to lobby for state practice changes in modifying scope of practice. What specific resource would you use when communicating with your state legislators.
    a. Institutes of Medicine 2010 Nursing Report
    b. Federal Trade Commission Report 2014
    c. National Governors Report 2013
    d. Institutes of Medicine 2016 Report on Nursing
  2. The DNP with interests in diversity, health care access and mental parity would access what specific agency for current resources as evidence to suggest improvements in community-based health care delivery?
    Question 2 options:

a) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

b) National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

c) American Cancer Society

d) Agency for Health, Research and Policy

3. Currently, 10,000 Baby Boomers are entering the Medicare system daily. The Affordable Care Act was designed to improve health care delivery through prevention and promotion programs. What initiative specifically focuses on the aging American?
Question 3 options:

a) Team STEPPS

b) Multiple Chronic Conditions

c) Shared Decision Making

d) Literacy Tool Kit

4. What specific Federal entity determines the direction and funding for health care research, initiative’s and innovation in the United States?
Question 4 options:

a) World Health Organization

b) National Institutes of Health

c) US Department of Health and Human Services

d) None of the above

5. The APN should focus care, education and practice based upon the 3-tenets of the Affordable Care Act – these include:
Question 5 options:

a) Better Health, Better Quality and Use of Evidence

b) Better Care, Better Health and Increase in Care Access

c) Better Care, Better Health, Cost Effective Care

d) Better Health, Comprehensive Care and Inter-professional

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