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A nursing capstone project is often a long written project that a nursing student has to pursue at the end of a nursing degree. This could be an MSN capstone project or a DNP capstone project. These projects are done by the student as a partial fulfillment of a nursing degree within a certain specialty area. For instance, a capstone project may be within the area of Family Nursing Practice, Education, Policy, Informatics, or any other specialty track.

A capstone, often known as “senior capstone,” plays a very vital purpose in any field: especially that of furthering the career advancement of those who complete it successfully. Because it is also a prerequisite as part of  a nursing degree program, its value is based substantially on the reputation and accreditation of the institution. It is a common part of programs in all technical, academic and medical fields.

Why are capstone projects common in nursing degrees?  The capstone project gives a nursing student an opportunity to exercise evidence-based practice (EBP). It reinforces sound and best practices in the handling of critical situations.  The capstone project is normally preceded by a scientific question, which normally takes a PICOT format. PICOT is a short-form for Population of interest, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome, and Timeline.  Naturally,  you will work with a practicing professional or a mentor/preceptor on completing your capstone course, while demonstrating your ability to apply critical thinking, interprofessional collaboration, communication, and conflict resolution skills in a timely fashion. In a capstone project, the student assumes the role of a project manager whereby one either has to implement an educational program, or an administrative program. This project has to be implemented in a way that doesn’t pose danger to the participants, the patient, or the stakeholders. In this regard, a capstone project is preceded by a rigorous institutional review. Scroll down to know about IRB.

Institutional Review Board

An institutional review board (IRB) or the ethical review board (ERB) is a committee that applies research ethics to ensure that the proposed research methods do not infringe on the rights and welfare of human research subjects recruited to participate in research activities. In this regard, the nursing student has to be very careful as any research utilizing human subjects will be subject to a rigorous Institutional Review. Failure to pass this stage means that the student may not be allowed to implement their capstone project. Therefore, when formulating your project idea, think about if human subjects will be involved in the research, and if so, how you will protect them.

Here are some Nursing capstone project ideas that will guide you through;

  • First, ensure that your capstone idea fits within your MSN specialty track, or your DNP focus.
  • Provide innovative and highly creative nursing capstone project. A well written capstone project will not only give you academic leverage but this is essential for your success in your chosen field. However, be careful to do a basic literature search to ensure that your intervention is supported by sufficient scholarly literature.
  • Take your time if you want to come up with original nursing capstone project ideas; the quality of your project will basically depend on the excellence of your topic.
  • When writing your capstone project get handy list of the topics you have written before so you can have some ideas on what to write. Let them be approved by your professor.
  • Gather and verify sources of information for the topics selected, start writing from introduction to conclusion with proper formatting including citation, reference and table of content.

 Nursing capstone paper examples gives you an opportunity to revise your colleague’s paper and borrow some ideas from them while building your confidence in writing. Sharing ideas can play an important role in deepening your understanding of a particular topic.  Nursing capstone paper examples from not only provide you with reliable writing sample papers but also offer crucial tips to guide your nursing capstone project writing in the future.  Papers written by skilled and knowledgeable writers will improve your performance in a wider range of skills that can be applied theoretically or practically.

After several attempts you will be able to apply language, style and techniques effectively and persuasively. Confidently preparing a substantial nursing capstone paper with ease. Be able to describe ways of thinking, writing and researching appropriately. With Nursing Capstone experience you will figure out what sources, resources, tools, or collaborators are needed to fully understand and communicate your message concerning the problems.

 The reflection of your ability to articulate is specifically what you have to achieve given a certain period of time. You may find it necessary to share your Nursing capstone goals with your lectures.

Here are some of the objectives that nursing students need to achieve, which are to prepare them for their future career development;

    • to express foundational concepts in the discipline of Writing Studies;
    • to conduct research proficiently;
    • to compose well-written documents for specific rhetorical situations;
    • to engage in a writing process that results in effective documents;
    • to recognize that writing is a tool for civic engagement
    • Effect communication by exchanging information/ ideas to improve team work.


A capstone paper represents your entire project so, as a result there is need to present a well-written paper for your project to be successful. Occasionally, when stressed or busy you might rush when choosing a subject for a paper. Therefore, your concentration and connection with the subject matter can be affected greatly and unavoidable, the effect is evident in your writing.

Doing a thorough research and selecting a topic you can connect are critical steps in writing an effective paper .A successful nursing capstone paper must have a sustained inquiry and an interesting discussion of a perfectly-defined subject. Avoid simple usual mistakes that come as a result of rushing to complete your paper or negligence; this is a major downfall of many projects that would have otherwise been successful.

Ensure you come up with interesting Nursing capstone topics for your discussion. Make your topic manageable, remember too broad or too narrow topic maybe hard to research. Brainstorm for thought and make sure you select a topic you have learned in class. Have adequate information and evidence from references and do a thorough back ground investigation.

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